It’s not a secret that one of the reasons to visit Azerbaijan is its beautiful location on the shore of the Caspian Sea with the number of beautiful beaches. Currently, there are 12 beach areas on the Absheron peninsula, but, unfortunately, some of them have pollution issues.  This article will guide you through the list of beaches you can visit to make your vacation full of waves.


Wild Beaches

Wild beaches of Azerbaijan have a special feature. The entrance to these beach areas is mostly free, but in case you need sunbeds or tables with chairs, you have to pay for them. The usual price flucates between 5-7 AZN. You can always order tea with all sorts of jams, national cuisine and there are people who are selling corn and other snacks. Still, you can take any foods and snacks with you.


mardakan beach


The best wild beaches you can find are mainly located in Mardakan, where the sand is clean and the water is smooth. Here you can also ride a scooter or just order a table to sit, chill and eat snacks. To get to the beach use the bus #184 (6 stops) or #36 (6 stops) from the “Ulduz” metro station and then change it to the bus #136 (14 stops). The ride will take an hour and will cost you 0,55 AZN.


Novkhany Beach


Another place where you can enjoy the perfect soft and hot sand and splash in the warm water is Novkhany. The place is very lively, as there are many cafes, restaurants and people. The beach is situated quite far from the city center, but if you are the person who loves noisy places this one is for you. From the “Ulduz” metro station you have to use bus #38 (9 stops), then bus #133 (11 stops) and at the end #123 (17 stops). Here you are! It takes you about an hour and 40 minutes and 0,70 AZN to go one way.




Bilgah is another place with clean beach that is one of local favorites. Besides free-entrance beach area, here you can find luxury swimming pools and other summer entertainments. To visit, use the bus #184 (6 stops) from the “Ulduz” station and then change it to bus #171 (19 stops). 50 minutes ride and 0,60 AZN and you are right on the place!


Luxury beaches

Luxury beaches in Azerbaijan have high-level and wide range of services. Pools, SPAs, entertainment and variety of local and foreign cuisine. This is only a small part of what they can offer you. Here we made a list of the three most famous and top-ranking places in the territory of Azerbaijan to spend your beach holiday on the top level.


Amburan Beach Club


Located in the Bilgah, this place offers guests swimming pools, a bar, located on the territory of the club, a varied menu and much more, and most importantly, all this with access to the sea.


  • Monday: 20AZN
  • Tuesday- Friday – 23 AZN
  • Sunday, Saturday – 28 AZN
Amburan Beach Club Amuran Beach Club Amuran Beach Club


Bilgah Beach by Bilgah Beach Hotel


Another complex located in Bilgah is a five-star hotel with various swimming pools and a relaxation area for guests. At your disposal, there are restaurants of local and international cuisine, bars, a club and many other entertainments. Well, as always, there is, most importantly, the warm Azerbaijani sun and velvety sand underfoot.

  • Weekdays: adults – 35 / children – 20
  • Weekends: adults – 40 / children – 25
  • For children under 3 – free
Bilgah Beach Hotel Bilgah Beach Hotel Bilgah Beach Hotel Bilgah Beach Hotel Bilgah Beach Hotel


Sea Breeze

sea breeze

In the picturesque village of Nardaran, there is also a stunning swimming pool, mini cinema, various sections, as well as a beautiful coast and the opportunity to ride a scooter.

  • Price: 25 AZN all days
  • For children under 10 – free
Sea Breeze Baku Sea Breeze Baku Sea Breeze Baku


Local advice

When you go to a wild beach with your food, do not forget to bring a watermelon and local salted cheese! Moreover, the main thing to remember is that you need to sit on the seaside, eating a watermelon with slice of cheese. In order to have more experience in local traditions, you can also add a piece of bread to this “dish”. Have a good time!